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Lineolated Parakeet – Normal Green

Lineolated Parakeets, or Linnies as we like to call them, are friendly, non-destructive, quiet, attractive small birds.  They are known as the “lineolated” parakeet for the striped lines found on their back feathers as seen here. The Linnie is sometimes referred to as a Barred or Catherine parakeet. There are two sub species: Bolborhynchus lineola lineola & Bolborhynchus lineola tigrinus. Bolborhynchus Lineola Tigiris are found West Colombia, in parts of the Andes in North-West Venezuela, North-West Ecuador and Central Peru.

Lineolated Parakeets originate from Central America, their natural habitat are the high mountains of South Mexico to West Panama. They are camouflaged in the trees due to their natural coloring. They live in flocks of 6 – 30 birds in dense forests. Due to their habitat, they are able to withstand a range of temperature climates and have been seen in snow! Lineolated Parakeets have been seen in tree-poor savannahs, light forests and the wet forests of the subtropical zone of central America. During summer month they prefer heights between 1500 – 2300m (5000 – 7550ft). In the winter month they stay in areas of 600m (2000ft) height. The bird is green of colour and about 19cm/7.5” in length and weigh on average 47 – 55 grams (1.7 – 2 ounces).

Sexual maturity starts at 1 year of age. Life span is approximately 10 years.

References: Wikipedia, Feathered Flyer (© Kat Hull)

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