Preparing a Shipping Crate for Birds

bottom of crate
Installing perch into bottom of crate

We ship a lot of birds, mostly on Delta.  This is how we fix the shipping crate to satisfy the regulations.  There are other style crates, but this is what we use.

We use the small size kennel.  If they are perching birds, the regulations require you to have a perch for them)  We use a regular wood perch.  My husband get dowels at The Home Depot or Lowe’s and cuts them the right size to go in the crate.  If you are shipping 4 birds, I would suggest 2 perches.  OK, after he cuts the dowels he drills a small hole in the end of the perches and the crate, then he uses wood screws from the outside to go into the ends of the perches, it holds them nice and tight.  He says if you  don’t drill the hole in the perches first the  screws will split the wood.

Next, we get regular screen material or shade screen at Home Depot or Lowe’s and cut it to cover the openings on the sides and back of the crate.  You also need to cover the door with the material.  My husband uses duct tape to hold the screens in place.  Here he is using the clear duct tape.  He puts it inside the crate while he has it in two parts.

Top of crate showing screens duct taped into place

We have found a good thing to use for their food is the cups with the wire on the back of the cups and hang them thru the holes on the side, then put tape over the wires to hold it in place.  I use these for their pellets and seeds.

You can use those single serving TV dinner trays to put the frozen mixed veggies in.  We always put lettuce and slices of apple so they will have plenty of juice from them for liquids.  A spray of millet will probably be relished too.

Source: Sharron Deason

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